Custom Stinger Transition

$40.00 Inc. of all taxes

  • Please describe your requirements here...

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    Please paste Google Drive link or any cloud storage link for your logo to use.

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    Please paste #HEX Codes of the colours your prefer your stinger transition to be in

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    Please paste links to the kind of designs/animation you like for the stinger transition to be in.

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Delivery Time : 3-4 Business days

Description :
This package is specifically designed to work on StreamLabs, OBS Studio to be used for platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

The Screen Overlay is offered in following formats upon delivery
1) .mov / .h246 for animations

For any changes to your requirement, please write an e-mail to [email protected] with your Order ID.

*Changes to orders made on this product shall be processed only twice



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